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Why Use Us?
We are the property damage insurance experts who will estimate and negotaite any insurable property loss with your insurance company. House FireWe provide step by step claims managements assistance to maximize your settlement. Insurance companies hire professional adjusters. Why shouldn't you?

Time is Valuable
It is very important we get involved from the very beginning because we make sure nothing is done to jeopardize your claim. Even inexperienced emergency clean-up procedures can often lose or damage crucial evidence. The hours following your loss are traumatic and very critical. We can help you secure your home or business...We can help to procure a place for you to stay...Most important...We advise you properly.

It's Not Easy
Before you can take the first step toward the recovery of your losses, you'll have to decipher each and every aspect of your policy. Residential DamageAnd, if you read far enough, you'll see that you don't have very much time. A standard policy contains 165 lines which outline your duties. You don't want to make any mistakes. They can be costly.

We Know How to Help You
Our state licenses require a complete knowledge of your insurance policy. We know all the requirements you, as a policyholder, must meet in filing your claims. Most importantly, we make sure that you meet those requirements. Your agent can be very helpful but they are not trained to adjust an insurance loss or accumulate independent estimates and appraisals. Their expertise is in acquiring the proper coverage, not maximizing your claim. We know insurance policies and again, advise you properly.

We Make a Difference
If your insurance company's adjusters and appraisers took the time or interest to accumulate such information properly, it would still be House Fireto their advantage to estimate low. The difference between the premiums you pay-in and the claims they pay-out is called profit...you'll have a tough time finding an insurance company that doesn't like to make a profit.
Our objective is to obtain the "Maximum Settlement" for you that's possible. If you have just recently suffered a loss, that should be the most important thign for you to consider. Our fee is tax deductible and is based only ona small percentage of the insurance company's settlement.

The Longer You Wait, the More You Stand to Lose
We sincerely hopeyou'll never need our services. However, if you do, we can be reached around the clock, 365 days a year.
The sooner you call us, the sooner we can go to work getting you the settlement you will need and deserve.

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